Everybody dance мяу!
Однажды посмотрела это видео. Посмотрела - забыла. Потом вспомнила, долго искала, перелопатила весь ютюб (безуспешно), потом оставила это безнадежное дело, а сегодня совершенно случайно на него наткнулась))) Так что спешу поделиться:

Мне, кстати, особенно понравились эти комментарии:

part 1:
the boy in the video searches for something to satisfy his thirst, sth. blue (like the bottle) and pure. the girl wants to give sth good to the people, wants to help them in some way, but they don't let her. so she's losing hope because the good things (the apples) she wanted to donate rot away. she begins to cry with blue teardrops ("feeling blue") and then encouters the thirsty boy. although he's very down himself he comforts her, drinking her sadness and make it disappear.
part 2:
feeling that there's finally someone who cares for her, she can't bear it and begins to cry out of luck. in the end they seperate. she picks up the basket, will find new apples and go on donate them and the boy will continue searching for people like her in order to drink away their sorrow.
beautiful story about life and how people even if they're weak themself can help others to overcome sadness, sorrow and the feeling of being alone or the only one that's different from the others.

Niki Wonoto:
one of the things that I really like about this short-animation is when you look at its deeper meaning: it shows how our so-called 'modern 21st era' society and "humanity" today is all about push, push, push, run, run, run, move forward, move forward, move forward,...just like ZOMBIES,...that they've lost pretty much the *HUMAN* side, that is full of soul, warmth, and heart!
those two little kids are what pretty much still giving the 'lost modern' humanity a HOPE.
I'm deeply touched by this..!

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